what i've cooked recently

this august i've finally crossed off something that has been on my to-do list for years now: cooking. i've always loved watching people cook, and of course, i love eating (i live among quite the family of foodies). but somehow i have never got around to creating food myself. this past month, however, i finally felt ever-so-inspired and have been cooking every. single. day! it's been so fun and i never knew how un-terrifying it is to operate a stove, ha.

i've been trying out loads of recipes (check out my pinterest board here for some) and i'm quite happy with how they've been turning out! here are some photos of my favorite dishes i've rustled up so far ~

*left to right*

one best banana pancakes ~ recipe by izzy rael. i have cooked these almost everyday since i found this recipe. they really are the BEST pancakes! they're flourless + milkless, too!

two | arugula & baby bella coconut aminos stir fry, roasted cauliflower, and a veg-fed egg.

three | black beans, kale + onions + sweet potatoes, cauliflower, roasted carrots, & wild caught salmon.

four | sweet & spicy roasted cauliflower (with extra sriracha mayo, of course).

five | kale, strawberries, a banana, flaxseeds, coconut, almond milk, chia, & gf granola.

six | wasabi avocado mash, coconut aminos sautéed spinach + kale + arugula, and a veg-fed egg with furikake + sesame seeds, all on a sweet potato toast.



hope you enjoyed this little foodie post, definitely more to come x






p.s. i obviously haven't been posting these on @mikaylalune; i have actually been sharing them on my personal account @mkylrgrs so if you're really keen to see my food photos, give it a request x