moonstruck / 1

hello & welcome to my first post of the series that i'm starting on my blog, moonstruck. essentially (no pun intended), i will be showcasing brands/products/etc that i am moonstruck over. so to start off, i will be talking about one of my new favorite brands, virtuvi!

i am so incredibly excited to be collaborating with vitruvi, as i fell INSTANTLY in love with them from my first look at their page. i mean how could you not: can we just talking about how divine their product packaging is?! not only are their products absolutely beautiful, but customer service is top notch, and each item fulfills its description. i could go on and on about vitruvi, so here's a breakdown of my experience with some of their products!


my collection /




sunrise 5 drops eucalyptus + 8 drops sweet orange + 2 DROPS lemongrass 

study 10 drops peppermint + 8 drops sweet orange

sleep 10 drops eucalyptus + 8 drops frankincense

sick 10 drops peppermint + 10 drops eucalyptus + 2 DROPS lemongrass (A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY)

school (what's in my backpack) peppermint + balance roll-on oil


my experience /

when i first visited vitruvi's website, i was instantly shocked at the prices -- $14.90 for 10mL of frankincense?! yes please. despite the unbelievable prices, everything truly smells A1.

my favorite and most used of the batch include frankincense, eucalyptuspeppermintsweet orange, & lemongrass; the black stone diffuser is without question the loveliest diffuser on the market; the sleep roll-on oil really helps with my sleep issues. 

the entire process of communication with vitruvi was seriously so friendly and easy! my email-pal was the lovely simone, and she always responded to my emails with thorough knowledge and care! xx

the only things i wish is for the diffuser to last longer during its intervals, and for every oil to become certified organic.


essentially /

essentially, my overall experience with vitruvi has been top-notch. i would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for natural remedies, therapeutic scents, or just aesthetic room decor (i mean, you have to admit, the bottles are good for the feed!). so, go: scan their site, ask any questions, make an order, and experiment! 


massive thank you once again to vitruvi for collaborating with me for this post! special thanks to simone for all the help! xo