it's nearly over

June, July, and august 2018 are over, and I can barely wrap my head around that. as I sit on my laptop, typing these words, and listening to 'summer love' by one direction, I can only thank Jesus for such a memorable three months pre-senior year. thinking back to the end of my junior year, I really thought that this would be an uneventful summer, but boy does god love going exceedingly & abundantly over what we could ever dream. amidst all of the standardized-testing-studying & college-application-stressing, Jesus was so so good. so, here's a timeline of memories from my 2018 summer... (typing this up while taking a break from studying—also senior year starts tomorrow? haha what? also 'one thing' is playing now ah)



in case it isn't evident enough..........June 15 holds a special place in my heart as the best night of my life. not dramatic at all—just pure truth. I am forever thankful to my parents for surprising me with harry tickets for Christmas, and getting to experience harry's show was life changing and not a day goes by without me reminiscing (and crying) about that night. I could go on and on about H, but I will dedicate an entire blogpost for him soon. but I just want to say that if you ever have the opportunity to see harry styles live on tour, please go. he promotes nothing but love and kindness, and he truly knows how to put on a show.

JUNE 24-JULY 3 / south carolina

after about 10 hours of driving from philadelphia to myrtle beach, we were welcomed by tall palms (my favorite, as may be able to tell) & salty air. I've never ventured down south before, and I was quite surprised by how much I enjoyed South Carolina. I was especially surprised by how warm the ocean was—I had no idea such nice water existed on the east coast. after a wonderful (& eventful) week, one of my favorite memories were made. I made my first solo flight, going back home to philly. flying solo has always been in my bucket list, and I feel like everyone should do it during their pre-adulting stages. it's a time where you learn how to be fully responsible (because if you mess up, you're literally stranded.) thanks be to God that I made it home alive!

JULY 4 / Independence Day in the independence city

after a little over a week of vacay-ing in the south & then making  my solo trek back to my city, I woke up July 4th to another fun day (literally the morning after I flew home, I was pretty tired to say the least). my family had booked a surprise trip to center city philly with my grandparents at the Logan hotel. we were also joined by my cousin and her 2 kids. we ate at my new phl-fave restaurant, the continental, and watched the fireworks that night. it was really special celebrating our country in the city where it all started.

JULY 8-9 / New York city 

another spontaneous trip to nyc, but essential to the east coast tour for my cousin! we walked around Central Park, had some van Leeuwen (duh), went to Hillsong, and of course.........visited the Gucci on 5th ave in order to witness the beauty that is harry styles' campaign on the outside of the store. I don't really have much else to say that can explain my joy in that moment, but here's a link to my twitter post with the video.

JULY 14 / the final show

Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 4.23.57 PM.png

as you can see, I do not have any original footage from this day, but I still had to include it in my timeline. July 14 marked the end of harry styles live on tour, and needless to say, it was a beautiful time of waking up to new concert footage from his shows, and excitedly finding out what suit he wore. even though I only attended one show (which I am ever so grateful for!), I feel like I was at every show thanks to twitter and the friends I made through social media. hs1 was too good to us, and I am so ready for hs2.

JUNE, JULY, AUG / sisterxsister

ever since New York (hmmm..) when I went to the may edition of sisterxsister led by Jessica Whitaker, I have been all about the idea of forming local girl gangs full of girls who share the same passion for all things creative—whether it's photography, graphic design, social media, etc. I'm ever so grateful for Jessica asking me to start sxs here in philly, and it has been so much fun leading with my girl charity foster. every month, we get together as a group, and have conversations on the monthly topic, all surrounding creativity. it's a dream! if you're a girl in high school/college and want to join out chats, register here!

july 23 / 8 yrs of one direction

another milestone this summer—eight years of one direction. it was seriously such an eventful day for us twitter Stans...the @onedirection account was really out there messing with out feelings! July 23 London time (around 10pm my time), the account started tweeting lyrics. they tweeted every hour, and rumors & suspicions were spreading all throughout social media—of the band getting back together, the release of the infinity music video, etc... I stayed up until 2am, expecting something big after the 8th tweet, but lo and behold nothing happened. and when I woke up the next morning, the account kept tweeting lyrics, until it finally ended on one last, 24th tweet, with infinity lyrics. oh, and that's all that happened. haha we were all played! but it was fun haha.

august 4 / first day @ brandy

ok so I don't have any pics from my first day haha but here's some from my other days of working. brandy was really out of the blue, I found out that it was opening a week before I started. and let me just say that it has been the job I never thought I needed?? sooo stoked to continue making the store look prettyyyy (& spend my paychecks on chai lattes!)

aut 26 / New York again

another spontaneous trip to the best city on earth. we started off the day with a brilliant meal from maman, a french restaurant that we all love. my fam then spent about 3 hours shopping in kinokuniya & muji—we just love our Japanese stationery. we then took a trip uptown, and spent hours biking & long boarding through central park. we really couldn't have asked for more beautiful weather. 

aug 31-sept 2 / washington, dc

finally, our last out-of-state trip for the summer. 2 days of (very hot) but very eye-opening times. after visiting dc twice before, I still had no idea how many "artsy" streets/food/etc. the town really had to offer. I loved walking through many a street I hadn't even knew I existed, eating dairy free sorbetto and gluten free carrot cupcakes. we did too much for me to write about, and I'm getting pretty tired, so I'll let the photos do most of the talking here.

aug 3 / the last supper

and last but not least, the last supper. as the whole fam was off for Labor Day, we decided to go out with my grandparents for a celebratory everyone's-off/summer-is-ending dinner. funny enough, this was a last-minute decision, so we really had no idea what restaurant we would be dining in. somehow my mum managed to find the twisted tail, and she was able to reserve a table for us. as we had never dined here before, I did not know what to expect in terms of my gluten & dairy-free friendly foods. but oh boy, there's no need to fear—immediately the waiter told us that he had alerted the kitchen of my dietary restriction, and he was very  knowledgable in telling me what menu items were okay/not okay for me to order. the twisted tail was so accommodating, and made what usually is a struggle for me to find yummy food I can eat simple. definitely a meal to remember, and the perfect meal to end the summer with.


and that's a wrap...

if you've made it this far, props to you and thanks for tuning in! at 5:44pm on Tuesday, September 4, 2018, I am currently finishing up this post, and coming to the conclusion that summer really is waving goodbye. oh, and senior year starts tomorrow. well, I'm expectant that god's gonna be doing crazy things this year, as is evident of what he has done this summer. here's to saying goodbye & saying hello.