lessons from film

i’ve never understood the film craze—in fact, i held an unreasonably biased opinion of “ :/ “ about it up until two weeks ago. after a few months of finding myself attracted to photos captioned “#35mm” as well as seeing my friends create beautiful film work, I could no longer deny my curiosity. I realized that film photography involves so much intention from the artist, with merely 36 exposures per roll. I realized the beauty behind the developing process—the patience of simply waiting for the film to do all of the work (no lightroom-ing; no photoshop-ing)…..

long at last, I decided to buy some batteries & film and actually shoot with my parents’ old film cameras (after years of them collecting dust on my desk). I had so much fun the first two days of shooting, only to realize days later that my camera didn’t actually capture anything (still don’t know know the exact reason why…just gonna use it as desk decor again lol). however, I was distressed yet determined, so I brought the other camera along to New York the following weekend for a (hopefully & prayerfully) successful shoot. long story short, the 72 exposures that ensued have brought me tears and jumps 4 joy! yay for intentional art! yay for film!

here’s a highlight reel (April 13 & 14, 2019)………..