april moodboard


so it's nearly the end of of april, and i've developed some new obsessions + crazes lately, so here i am blogging about them. let me know if you can relate to any, and comment/dm me any films, music, people, shows, etc. that you think i should check out! 



style ~ for this spring + summer season, i'm all about peachy vibes, lightweight fabrics, & athletic looks.

art ~ i've been inspired by magazine/book covers, and experimenting with different fonts.


people ~ millie bobby brown is the new face of the girl gang and is the COOLEST. i've been so inspired by her acting & style.

visuals ~ lately i've been inspired to take more outfit photos, i'd love to shoot an editorial soon.


other things not pictured ~

x LA LA LAND. what more do i need to say? i can't believe it's taken me this long to watch it! it's a masterpiece and the soundtrack does NOT let down.

x poké bowls. everywhere we travel, my family is bound to try a new poké place. pokéworks in new york city is a MUST try.

x a series of unfortunate events. i've been re-reading this childhood-crave of mine ever since watching the netflix show (!!!).