library book haul

hey, long time no blog. i recently took a trip to the library and thought i would do a little library book haul. most of the books i picked up are WWII-related, there's just something about that time period that really interests me. here they are:

one: the seamstress by sara tuvel bernstein

the excerpt about this book describes the story of bernstein, herself, and what she faced as a Romanian during the holocaust. bernstein is described to have grown up "feisty and willing to fight back physically against anti-Semitism from other schoolchildren", which i think will be quite interesting to read about.

two: citizen warhol by blake stimson

i was browsing through the art history shelves (you can't keep me away) and decided to pick this one up. i've always been fascinated with andy warhol and his art, but never really took the time to learn about the meaning behind his art. so lo and behold, i left the library with this hardback. 

three: rolling stones by gered mankowitz

the cover really appealed to me for this one. this is a little paperback featuring copious photographs of the rolling stones taken by photographer, gered mankowitz. i really love each photograph and how they are laid out on each page. it's eye-catching for visual-lovers.

four: the train to crystal city by jan jarboe russell

this is yet another world war ii read, but with a focus on "FDR's Secret Prisoner Exchange Program and America's Only Family Internment Camp During World War II." with all my years of learning about america during the war, i have never (at least i don't remember) ever hearing about this "secret prisoner exchange." it sounds quite intriguing, and on that account, i scooped it up. 

five: the girl in the green sweater by krystyna chiger

this is one of the two books i have already started to read. i have just finished the second chapter, and already so much has happened. this novel is written by "the girl" herself, and all that she and her family underwent as polish jews before, during, and after the war. i've already learned so much, and it's amazing how god saved her during this unimaginable time. (pretty cool: the "green sweater" mentioned in the title is actually a permanent display at the united states holocaust memorial museum.)

six: village of secrets by caroline moorehead

the final book i borrowed is another hardback about the war, but from the perspective of jews in vichy, france. i am on the third chapter and it seems like the author has woven the stories of several jews into one book, if that makes sense. the language is a bit more intricate, but i understand the gist of what's happening. i'm not a huge fan of the author's style, but i'll do a proper review once i finish the whole thing.

and there we have it, my first installment of my new series of library book hauls. i'm excited to do more of these, let me know what you think!