je mange no. 2

10pm on Friday the 13th, my friend and i’s stomachs made it clear that they wanted to eat regardless of our eyes’ opinion. pizza seemed to be the mutual craving, so we walked into the first pizza shop we found as we exited the subway station.

this week, I represented my meal with a contour drawing of the pizza slice itself followed by a sketch of the plate and napkins accompanying it. I then used photoshop and played around with brushes (adjusting opacity and bristle thickness) to quickly highlight some of the vegetables that stood out on the slice.

two boots williamsburg

physical appeal

a quick scan through two boots’ menu and it was going to be a two-slices-of-vegan night. it was not the aesthetics of the placement nor the plating of the vegetables, but rather, the loaded nature of them. my stomach was all in for the promising thin crust packed with (vegan) gooey cheese and lots of veggies. pizza is kind of a “sloppy” food anyway so I wasn’t expecting a masterpiece, but it was still a pretty slice.

tastebud appreciation

I am currently typing this after getting back from my second visit…….needless to say, I will probably be back again this week. “vegan pizza” has never been more flavorful.

stomach digestion

I just found out that the crust is also gf, which explains why I feel so so great after eating a couple slices :’)